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tv   CBS 5 Eyewitness News at 11  CBS  January 10, 2012 1:35am-2:10am PST

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craig: welcome to the beginning of the show, the end of the show. ooh. ooh. ehh! geoff: ehh! craig: well, i think it was a daring experiment. it worked out rather well. geoff: ok. [laughter] craig: you can be a bit more supportive than you're being, frankly. geoff: my name's geoff. [laughter] oh, i'm messing with you, pal. it was a bute.
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craig: it was a good show? how do you know? we haven't done it yet. geoff: or have we? craig: in your mind. geoff: in your pants. [laughter] craig: do i have one ball or two? and if i only have one, which one? is it the rear or the front ball? [laughter] i made myself laugh there! yeah! all right. good night, -- i mean hello!
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. you're watching cbsa 5. >> he escaped without anyone notices but now he is on his way back to jail. how authorities figured out he was missing. >> the crooks like it so much they keep coming back. how craigslist criminals losing a neighborhood to rip people off. >> and the dad cashing in on an age old problem. >> we start with a developing story. a nearly eight hourlong manhunt through the dublin hills is over. >> that man who was being held on burglary charges escaped a
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a round two. >> reporter: police followed the escaped inmate on a street corner in the city of dublin just after nine. he was able to elude police search helicopters all night long but the suspect -- the spokesman for the sheriff's department is now saying it's possibly the cold weather that flushed him out of hiding place in the hills. he was taken back to jail by dublin police. they spotted him an a street corner about two miles from the jail. helicopters with heat seeking devices searched in the hills behind the jail all night. part of the strategy was to call off the search around eight to see if that would flush him out. >> little bit of games man ship in there as call off the search and the helicopters aren't there. the persons thinks you aren't
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looking and they come out and that's what looks like what happened. >> reporter: he escaped around two. he was returning court and being transferred back to the jail when he slipped out of custody. sergeant nelson said there is a gap in their security and he was able to actually take advantage of that gap and slip away. >> wow. could have ended differently. how long had he been in jail? do we know beyond what his charges, anything about him. >> reporter: we don't have any information. we know that he committed -- allegedly committed this particulary in oakland. he was returning court. i suspect he was making a court appearance and may not have been in jail that long and his history is apparently not violent but they considered him dangerous while he was gone. >> a series of robberies in val johan may be linked to a
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craigslist add. the addresses on the add belong to unsuspecting homeowners. one homeowner only found out about it when he encountered a victim. >> when i came out this elderly man was laying right here. >> reporter: brian showed us the spot on his driveway where he found a man beaten in a craigslist related robbery. >> somewhere with in -- 20 feet of where i was standing, these people must have been lying in wait. >> reporter: he said it all started about 11:00 p.m. when two men knocked on the do. >> they were asking about the car for sale. i'm saying what car? you have the wrong house. sorry. good night. >> reporter: he didn't think much move just moments later there was a frantic banging on the do. >> and it's a young man
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basically screaming at the door for help. >> reporter: police say they can't link the three robberies to the same suspect but the mo is the same. they list the car foresail on craigslist at a competitive price, tell the potential buyer to bring cash and come to a private residence to see the car. the occupants at the address listed like brian have no idea that their home is being used as the set up for a robbery. >> and that's when the young man explained to me what had happened. they had seen the ad on craigslist for a vehicle, sound to good to be true. >> reporter: he didn't get a knock in the latest robbery on friday night but said his neighbors heard the noise on the street. >> they actually overheard the conversation about just take the money. >> reporter: now the victims in the latest case are a couple from dublin but police say they
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were not seriously injured. the best advice in these situations is do not bring cash to a transaction when you don't know the cellar and always meet in a public place. reporting live. cbs5. >> the new hampshire presidential primary already underway. voters in two smalltowns went to the polls at midnight. we are in manchester where the results in new hampshire could mean a boost for candidates heading into south carolina or it could be the end of the road for some. >> reporter: ken the republican candidates really ganged up on mitt romney in the final hours of campaigning leading up to tuesday's primary. it's to early to tell if that will have any effect on voters but we do know the results of the very first ballot cast in new hampshire. republican residents of the tiny town gave a split decision
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as they picked their candidate. two votes each for romney and for huntsman. >> give me the boost i need i hope. >> reporter: before the polls opened the other candidates sharpened their attacks. gingrich is hitting romney on what he calls tax increases during his time as governor. >> you can't compete with romney. if you are totally positive and he is running 3.5 million dollars of attack ads. >> reporter: perry took exception to romney saying he feared being laid off from a private firm. >> very no doubt he was worried about pink slip; if he would have enough to hand out. >> reporter: santorum is looking for another strong second place finish. he ran into an unfriendly crowd after an evening rally. huntsman raised through a packed schedule with seven stops including this one.
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>> getting behind somebody who will put country first and not politics first. >> reporter: he has spent more time in new hampshire than any other candidate. his supporters optimistic. >> i think it'll be a big surprise tomorrow. i do. i think he is speaking at a good time. >> reporter: they are courting independent voters. they often have a big say in the state choice for the republican presidential nominee. and independents make up for man 40% of the voters in new hampshire. they out number democrats and they out number republicans so again their turn out tuesday will really affect the outcome of the race. live in manchester new hampshire, now back to you. >> and away we go. new hampshire first onto south carolina. thank you very much. the president announced today that white house chief of staff is quitting. he has been on the job for only a year. he comes a prominent chicago
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political family but didn't have any washington experience. some insiders say the transition was difficult but the president praised him as highley effective. >> over the last year he has been involved in every decision around the end of the war in iraq, support of the people of libya as they fought for freedom. he was important in developing the american job's act and making sure taxes didn't go up on the middle class. >> his replacement will be jack leu who started on capitol hill, isn't a decade as policy advicer. >> the san francisco sheriff started his new job under a cloud today. a neighbor has accused him of domestic abuse saying that he roughed up his wife. the couple deknight charges. the da is investigating and will decide soon whether to file charges. at his new office he spoke
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to us. >> reporter: what do you feel about what may happen? >> i trust in the system. >> reporter: until there is a decision on his future the san francisco mayor is not saying much. >> you know -- it's serious allegations and i -- i will refrain from making any comments. >> reporter: if he is charged should he step aside? >> again i think -- it's not for me to comment. >> if he is charged and found guilty he could be removed from office. >> fire at the state's largest beef processer is being ruled arson. that fire reported early yesterday morning at the harris ranch feed lot at highway 145 and interstate 5. took less than an hour for the flames to destroy 14 big rig tractors and several trailers. so far the company doesn't know
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the full cost of the damage but none of the equipment is saveable and law enforcement is keeping quiet about who they think may have set the blaze. >> we haven't released anything on why we believe its arson there. are several factors so far that i wish i could get into. >> despite the loss part of their fleet, harris ranch doesn't expect any interruption to operation. replacement equipment is on the way. >> other bay area headlines a arsonist has struck again in nevado. more than two dozen fires have been set since saturday night. so far all have been set in open spaces near neighborhoods. spots where flames could easily move to homes. so far a fence and pg&e pole were damaged but no homes or other structures have burned. >> after months on the picket line striking workers at the
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american licorice plant are still going strong. they blocked the entrance where the popular red vines are made. about 180 walked off the job december 5th to protest proposed changes to their medical plans. nine schools are in danger of losing nearly $7 million in state funding. they all failed to meet requirements for the quality education investment act. the grant said they must keep classes below 27 students. more than 40 schools statewide were seeking waivers to break the rules. they blame budget cuts and staff turnover for the larger class sizes. >> if you have kids chances are you know what i'm talking about at least once in a while a fussy baby that won't go to sleep. now, because of one south bay dad there is an app for that. the man who is now making tens of thousands of dollars off his
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pursuit of a little sleep. >> reporter: it's bedtime and mad the twins sick and aren't going down without a fight. >> blankie. >> reporter: and yes, there is an app for that. it's called white noise and it's creator is the twin's dad matthew who now lives in san carlos. he launched last week after weeks of tears and fussing at bedtime. with the app running they shut the door and cross their fingers. there are tons of noise apps out there but this has high rez photographs and up to 68 sound sounds and counts that he edited to make sure they move smoothly. >> you know when -- comes on and you play it and when it hits the end -- it wasn't
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smooth and what they tend to do is move the quieter parts to the beginning so that it's -- you don't notice it as much. >> reporter: often babies fall asleep fast when he it's not quiet. >> some believe those sounds, what we call white news may remind the baby of sounds they heard in the womb. >> half an hour later he checks on the girls and it worked. he admits they can be hit or miss with babies but for exhausted new parents it's a two dollar app to buy a chance of peace and quiet. >> headache medicine that can knock you out. common pill that may have something stronger mixed in. >> and new protection for bicyclists in a bay area city, the power to sue drivers for bad behavior. >> and what you will have to do if you go on
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. tonight an important drug recall that you should know about president the drug maker is pulling some of its most popular brands. >> some powerful pills may have ended up in the wrong bottles. >> reporter: they are pulling bottles off store shelf, its part of a voluntary recall that
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also includes bufferin, gas x and no doz. they maicon taken stray tablets other products. >> you need to be concerned about the side effects if the drugs were mixed. so some of the drugs that could have been missed cause more tiredness. >> reporter: the recall is a result of manufacturing issues in a facility that was shut down last movement the company decided to pull the products after receiving complains of miss labeled bottles and broken pills. the bottles in question are excedrin and no doz and gas x. they said if you have the recalled products don't use them and contact the company for a refund. the fda said some of the over- the-counter pills may have been
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packaged with powerful painkillers. they sale the drug as percocet and endo. they aren't being recalled because the risk of stray pills low and many rely on them. >> they don't want to create any kind of fear. >> reporter: experts say look at the medication closely and if you have any questions contact the pharmacist. >> friction can run high between drivers and bicyclists. in berkeley it may soon run even higher. that's because later this month the city is expected to pass an ordinance to make it illegal for drivers to harass people on bikes. it's intended to give bicyclists the power to take driver who break that law to court. >> but you have the right to sue them and let them know this. maybe they will cool it. >> i think we have enough laws on stuff like that, enough bad
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lawsuits, i don't think it's necessary. >> reporter: harassing can include anything from a physical attack to distracting the bicyclist. a bicyclist would have to prove that the driver acted out of a prejudice against people on bikes. >> bikers and pedestrians on the golden gate bridge will be on the buddy sis it temperature for the next few months. they will share the east sidewalk while construction work is done on the westside. the closure expected to last through the end of march. >> some unexpected guests are dropping in at the arden historic farm in fremont. 4,000 monarchs in a grove of trees. it's ten times the usual number this time of year. the butterflies cluster for warmth until the temperature is above 55 degrees. they then spread their wings and take flight with month worries from wet weather or predators. >> their coloring tells
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predators that don't eat me i taste really bad. >> how do you know? >> because at some point as a predator you tasted one of them and it tasted bad and you spit it out. >> you never have. >> no. >> they usually winter here through february. >> get that extra blanket out. it's a clear and chilly night on hand followed by rain watch for your tuesday. pinpoint forecast as ckckckckckct
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. all right we are on the rain watch. >> where do i begin? it's very complex but i still have hope. i do. not so much about tomorrow, that is twisted in to the bay area but tonight clear skies and boy did you see the moon? it was absolutely fabulous. take a good look. brightly lit up and orange. many asked why is it orange? first remember the visible light is made you up of different colors, red, orange, yellow, blue, green and purple and they all together make
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white. the moon can appear orange when it's very low and you have a lot of dust in the atmosphere and the light is shining through that. then it appears orange. current ty temperaturely down to 49 in santa rosa, otherwise the weather headlines for tuesday. after a very chilly overnight low, 29 to about 45 degrees we will see partly to mostly cloudy tuesday, a chance of a sprinkle or two otherwise the next possible storm will have hope on is tuesday night into wednesday. here is how we stack up. 26% of normal in san jose and santa rose a. we have so many storms out there, but the end keeps bouncing deflecting off the huge ridge of dry press ire. this one fall agriculture part. they had a lot of precipitation in texas. they had all the fun there. partly cloudy on tuesday with just that slim chance of a sprinkle or two.
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your future cast calling for the increasing clouds during the morning. maybe a little bit of light precipitation toward clear lake. numbers with -- the sun coming down in comparison today after lows around freezing. 50s and 60s. the extended forecast calling for sun on wednesday through saturday. we have been talking sunday. here is dennis with sports. >> that snoring wasn't the dog t it was your husband watching the title game. the phone call that was never made between jim harb
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alabama rolled over lsu in a . it was called the championship and should have been called the sleepy bowl as alabama rolled over lsu in a game with few points and really less drama a. it was a rematch of their first meeting which lsu won. there were more kicks in that game than a soccer match. jeremy tied a bowl record with five field goals. a 15-0 lead after that. for lsu just 91 total yards and five first downs, this run by jordon jefferson in the 4th was the only time they got past midfield. are you kid something they finally got to the end zone. richardson from four yards out. 21-0 alabama wins their second national title in three years because of one of the best defenses in college football history.
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>> would you call it domination? >> no. no. i -- i'm sure when we watch the film they know we always have a good, bad and ugly reel and i can always find something ugly to talk about. >> the 49ers host the saints in the playoffs on saturday. you may recall they opened the pre-season in new orleans and the results weren't pretty. the saints blitzed from start to finish. six sacks, the head coach reportedly called jim harbaugh and asked him how he wanted to approach it but harbaugh never called back. >> certainly not aware of any gentleman's agreement. even asked my brother if there was some kind of agreement you that call a coach before a pre- season game and he wasn't aware of any. even if there was we wouldn't do it any way. >> what we got here is failure to communicate. >> the colors hacking proudly
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in the pavilion. foster's -- all round to the matthew from australia, scored a career high 27 against usf. he had six rebounds, four assists and six threes, gales win. they are 15-2. tiger woods will play at penning beach next month. it will be his first appearance in the tournament since 2002. the top five, larkin the only player put in the hall of fame class. mcguire got 20% of the 75% needed. number four usuallies after a couple cold withins but blanchard on the tour. a lot of divinity talk in denver and maybe -- look at the kickoff. went onto 20-yard line.
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number two, anti randolph probably felt like this playing for don nelson, raptors beat the wolfs. and the number one play, cricket in new zealand. big in the field. look at this this is like -- the willie mays catch. vick wards's, incredible. >> a sticky --. >> it was. willie mays -- in cricket. >> really? >> yeah. >> i thought it was pretty good. do you feel that was justified as the number one play of the night? >> not enough sports if you have to see cricket. >> i have more sports than
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